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Columbia Repiping Services

Increase Efficiency & Cleanliness with New Pipes Today!

Are you in need of professional repipe services in your home? Professional repiping is a great option for homeowners who are tired of repairing leaking pipes or for homeowners looking to replace old and outdated pipes. At Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical, our Columbia plumbers provide exceptional repiping services that are easy and cost-effective.

Signs You Need to Repipe

There are many instances when repairing the pipe is the more viable option. For example, if you are experiencing a one-time water leak, repairing the issue is the better option. You might also find yourself asking why do your plumbing pipes whistle, or rattle, or vibrate. Or you might have questions about why the plumbing smells. Our Columbia plumbing experts can offer the guidance and service necessary to tackle the plumbing project, and there may be many instances where a full repipe is best.

Signs it’s time to repipe include:

  • Noticing a change in water pressure or the color of your water.
  • Noticing foul smelling or bad tasting water.
  • Rising water bills.
  • Experiencing frequent leaks is also an opportunity to repipe and save money.
  • When you need to replace old, worn-out pipes.

Dirty water, reduced water pressure and rising water bills all point to bad pipes in your home. If it's time to repipe your home, contact our Columbia plumbers to get a quote from the licensed repiping experts at Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical. Download and print our current coupons and special offers to save on your next call.

PEX or Copper?

There are two piping materials that repiping companies rely on for their repiping projects. PEX and copper are two great options, however, they have some different features that may cause homeowners to choose one over the other:


  • Flexible and easy to install.
  • Less expensive than copper piping.
  • More resistant to acidic substances.
  • Damaged by UV light and, therefore, cannot be used outdoors.
  • Cannot be directly connected to a water heater.


  • Sturdy and durable with joints that will not sag.
  • Lasts longer than PEX.
  • Upfront cost to install copper piping is higher than PEX.

If you're thinking about repiping your home, contact us today at (803) 302-3350 to find out how we can make your repipe project easy and affordable. Contact us today for quality Columbia plumbing services.

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