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Columbia Clogged Toilet Repair Service

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It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. They go to flush the toilet and nothing happens. Or worse, instead of going down, the water starts to flow back up. Clogged toilet emergencies are stressful for homeowners, but Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical is available to handle even the messiest clogged toilet repair issue. Our Columbia toilet repair specialists are equipped to handle any issue your plumbing may have.

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What Causes Clogged Toilets?

There are two main issues that contribute to clogged toilet situations:

  • Simple clogs: These are often caused by children using too much toilet paper. Since kids are still learning how to use the toilet, it’s common for simple clogs to occur in households with children.
  • Foreign objects: Unfortunately, these issues are also commonly caused by kids. Our plumbers in Columbia have seen everything flushed from toys and toothbrushes to shampoo bottles and even cell phones!

Panicked over a clogged toilet emergency? Call (803) 302-3350 and get fast and reliable clogged toilet repair services from the Columbia plumbing repair experts at Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical. We can safely and effectively remove any toilet clog. Don’t worry about paying full-price when you download our current coupons and online offers.

How to Prevent Clogged Toilets

While it’s nice to know that Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical is here to help when you need emergency clogged toilet service, the best defense against clogs is a good offense.

Here are some ways you can prevent clogs in your home:

  • Place a garbage can next to the toilet for non-water soluble items like diapers or other personal care products.
  • Install a childproof lock on the toilet seat if you have small kids at home.
  • Use less toilet paper or at least a brand with a thin ply.
  • Flush twice if needed.

If the water in your toilet is coming up instead of going down, contact us today for fast and effective clogged toilet repair. Our Columbia plumbing experts can quickly and safely remove the issue and get you back in business.

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