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Columbia Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation

Get the Bathroom You've Always Dreamed Of!

Bathroom remodeling is one of the best ways to refresh the look of your home, add functionality, and increase your home's value. Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical has been providing beautiful and affordable bathroom remodeling in Columbia since 1981.

Is it Time to Make a Change to Your Tub or Shower?

One of the most significant alterations you can make to a bathroom is fix up your tub or shower. Bathroom remodeling contractors love this service because it truly provides an instantaneous facelift to your new bathroom.

For easy and cost-effective service from our team of Columbia plumbers, call Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical at (803) 302-3350. Discover additional savings when you print our current web coupons and online offers.

You may want to repair or refurbish your tub or shower for any number of reasons, including:

  • For aesthetic purposes or to update the design in your bathroom.
  • If the current tub has sustained significant physical damage such as cracks or dents.
  • To replace an old or dripping faucet or clogged, slow drain.

Is it Time to Replace the Toilet?

Bathroom remodeling is all about ensuring that the fixtures in your space are beautiful and functional. This includes replacing your old toilet with a new model.

Some signs that it is time to replace your toilet include:

  • If the current unit is always getting clogged.
  • Your current toilet constantly needs repairs.
  • The porcelain is cracked.
  • You want to upgrade to a water-efficient unit.

Modern toilets are more efficient than older models because they use less water. Dual flush toilets have two flushing options for your convenience. New toilets will help conserve water and save you money on your monthly water and energy bill. For all of your Columbia plumbing services, whether for your toilet or otherwise, you can trust our experts at Love.

Get the most bang for your buck by choosing a professional Columbia plumber from our team. Contact us today to get started with an estimate!

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