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For more than 35 years, Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical has been helping the good people of Columbia, South Carolina with all of their electrical systems and components, including generators. With the proper generator installed, your whole family can enjoy safe, reliable electricity even during power outages. There are many makes, models, and brands of generators, though, each with pros and cons. It is our job as your generator electricians to help you pick the right one.

The two main types of backup home generators are:

  • Portable: A portable generator is one you need to manually operate during a blackout, and you usually can only plug in a select few appliances and electronics into them. They are considered only temporary solutions to power outages.
  • Standby: We recommend getting a standby generator for your entire home instead of a portable system. Standby generators are usually powered by natural gas and start automatically once your home is disconnected from the usual electrical grid, providing emergency power right when you need it. As a standby generator is connected to your entire home, everything in your home gets powered in a blackout.

Our generator technicians can repair, replace, and install new generators for your home in Columbia. Essentially, if you have any questions about generators, we have the answers!

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Benefits of a Backup Generator for Your Home

You can never know for certain when the power to your home is going to shut off. When it does, you also can’t know positively when it is going to kick back on. For example, if a hurricane off the coast rolls fierce storms over Columbia, then your home might be disconnected from the grid for hours, days, or longer. With a backup generator installed by Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical, though, you can enjoy all the benefits a generator has to offer.

The key benefits of a properly installed and maintained standby generator are:

  • Quick energy recovery after a blackout begins
  • Allows important appliances to continue running
  • Protects against damaging power surges
  • Added peace of mind during crises

Our team of electricians would love to help you and your family discover all the great benefits of a standby backup generator for your home. Whenever disaster strikes, you will feel prepared thanks to a generator repaired or installed by our Columbia generator technicians.

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