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What's That Noise Coming from My Plumbing?

Ever hear strange noises coming from your plumbing system and wonder what the cause could be? At Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical, we understand that it can be slightly concerning to hear your plumbing make noises all on its own. Our Columbia plumbers can help explain some of those odd sounds to help you possibly locate the problem. Once you have determined that it might be a plumbing issue that needs professional help, we would be more than happy to take a look for you and investigate further.

Here are some of the most common types of strange noises you might encounter:

Whistling sounds.

This might be a leaky toilet problem, specifically involving the fill valve mechanism. If this isn’t working properly, it might be time to replace this mechanism.

Banging noises.

As the water flows through the pipes, they can begin vibrating or making the “banging” noises due to obstructions in flow or clogs. The clogs will need to be flushed out of the system. Or, it could be a sign that your pipes aren’t secured in their placement, causing the rattle. Another reason for banging noises could be that your water pressure is too high. This can also result from something called a “water hammer,” when the water stops suddenly due to the valves turning off. Your plumbing system might need to have stoppers installed to control the water flow.

Whooshing sounds.

This can occur when there is build-up on your pipes, particularly if you have copper piping or many other types of metal piping. The build-up can run a wide range of minerals and deposits, which is what can lead to “whooshing” noises coming from the pipes.

If you are experiencing any strange or troubling noises, put our Columbia plumbers to the task! We have been proudly serving the community since 1981 offering prompt, reliable service for homeowners. Our focus at Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical is to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our services.

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