Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Strange Noises?

AC Repair

Your home’s cooling system is supposed to keep you cool during the day and help you sleep comfortably at night. It’s not supposed to disrupt your day or cause you to wake up during the middle of the night, but when something goes wrong, that can quickly become a reality. So, what are those strange noises your air conditioning system is making and what do those noises mean? Find out below!

Banging Noises

Almost 100% of the time, a banging noise means a component of the system is either loose or broken. If it’s the former, chances are an experienced technician will be able to find the loose part and tighten it up and then be on their way, but if it’s the latter, additional actions are likely.

Banging sounds can also indicate that the blower or outdoor fan blades are out of balance and therefore, are hitting other parts of the system. In either scenario, the problem should be addressed right away, before things get even worse.

Clicking Noises

More often than not, clicking noises come from electrical components. Clicking sounds are normal during startup and shutdown of the system, but you shouldn’t necessarily be hearing them the entire time the system is running.

If you do notice constant clicking, try to pay close attention to find out where the clicking is coming from. This will give the repair technician a much better idea about where to begin diagnosing the problem.

Buzzing Noises

This one is much tougher to pinpoint as buzzing noises can take place just about anywhere in the system. Generally speaking, buzzing can come from loose parts, dirt or debris interfering with moving parts, a loose outdoor fan motor, dirty condenser coils, a malfunctioning blower or a refrigerant leak. See what we’re saying?

If you’re experiencing buzzing noises with your system, it’s best to call in a professional right away!

Humming Noises

These are generally the most common sounds associated with home air conditioning systems. Humming generally shouldn’t be a serious cause for concern, especially if you’re only hearing it when the system starts up or shuts down.

After all, the system certainly will make some noise as it runs as there are lots of moving parts and motors all working in conjunction with one another after all!

However, if you suspect that your humming noise is out of the ordinary, it could mean there is some sort of electrical problem, an issue with the motor, or loose wires, all of which should be looked at by a trained professional.

Squealing or Squeaking Noises

Oftentimes, the blower component or fan blade noises can be heard as they travel through and out of ducts. Both of these components tend to squeak or squeal quite loudly as they wear out and start to go bad, being louder and much more annoying as things get worse.

With that said, it’s best to address these types of sounds the first time you notice them as there may still be time to fix the components before an entire replacement becomes necessary.

A number of factors can contribute to a breakdown in your AC unit, leading to a necessary repair. Regardless of the cause of the repair, Love Plumbing, Air & Electrical is here to help. Whether you need same-day AC repairs for an emergency situation or you want to schedule a repair at a later date, we provide top-notch workmanship without any surprise fees.

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